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Meet Nagi

Growing up, my nickname was Chatty.

Everyone called me that because they said I talked too much.

But the tragic loss of my parents at a young age caused me to suppress myself. Juggling single motherhood before I could legally drink while attending nursing school full time and piecing two to three jobs together to make ends meet caused me to eventually become exhausted with living in survival mode. That is when I chose to rebirth myself. The rebuild is recounted in my novel, The Secret Life of Strawberries.

I ignited my power from ashes of pain… allow me to help you to do the same.

Nagi Is...

The very things that I was ashamed of became the catalyst to embrace ALL of me.

Nagi's values
Honesty • Respect • Authenticity
Unconditional Love
Nagi's Mission

To assist others to live a fulfilling life by gaining a deeper understanding of themselves.

Being a portal means surrendering yourself to a higher power, allowing that force to speak through you to serve salvation to others. A portal is a vessel and that is just what I am… a vessel for the people.

-Nagi The Writer

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To my Bestie, my Sista not from birth, but from the heart

You are one of a kind, an inspiration, & a breath of life to me. I couldn’t imagine my life with you not in it. You know me better than I know myself. You know when something is wrong even when I try to hide it from you. You’re the most amazing, courageous & fearless person I know with a heart of gold. A great friend is hard to find & even keep for as long as we have for over 30 years. I am truly blessed that God saw fit to put you in my life. You push me to step out of my comfort zone & be myself. You always lift me up. You make me laugh when I want to cry & I appreciate that. When I need to vent you always listen, keeping it real with me, but never judging me. We’ve both had our trying times, you especially, but you always seem to amaze me how strong you are & how you bounce back & higher than ever before. I love your spirit. I have watched you transform throughout your life’s journey & I am very proud of who you are. Friendship/Sistership like oursis a special gift & I will cherish this gift forever. Love you forever & always.

Alicia Thomas, Love Note

Book Club Feature

Get ready for an exhilarating journey into personal growth by featuring Nagi the Writer at your next virtual or in-person Book Club event.

Speaking Engagements

​I am available for speaking engagements, where I will openly share my unique perspective on life as well as spiritual awareness.

Author Visits

Ignite your next event as I poetically share wisdom on a wide range of topics including self-empowerment, the power of now, finding your purpose and more.

I write To inspire,

To Uplift and Affirm...

Nagi isn’t your average woman. She’s special in her own unique way. A divine lady with true ambition. She conquers whatever is thrown her way, regardless of what it is. Don’t let her small frame fool you. Deep beneath the surface lies a lioness with vigorous passion. Throughout the few years I’ve known her, she’s been the one I call on when it’s time to “talk.” When she says she’ll be there at any given time, she’s about her word. Intuitive, compassionate and raw, yet humble and down to earth is how I would describe Nagi and so much more.

Musashii, BroStar, Love Note

Nagi The Writer is a published author, poet, spoken word artist and inspirational rapper. Nagi is known for leading people to salvation & consciousness through her writing. Her debut novel, The Secret Life of Strawberries, takes readers on a path of forgiveness and mental health.

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