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Learn all that you can and take what you need with you. -Nagi

I started to own, accept and love what I had.

I don’t look like what I’ve been through. Life’s trials polished me into greatness. Anytime I encounter someone who says to me, “I can’t do that.” I tell them “yes you can” and I  begin to share my story as proof. Growth and change are constant. It does not happen overnight. It’s a process.

Your encounters and experience are never about the other person,

It's Always About You.

As humans, we have all endured pain from a traumatic experience, some more traumatic than others.

Each person copes and deals with their pain differently. Having persevered through the traumas in my life and navigating my own self-healing process, I know that my purpose is to help women repair and rebuild themselves through a guided, intimate self-reflection journey. Through my own experiences, I teach women how to discover themselves so that they can live a meaningful and purposeful life. To get through, you have to go through!

Inspirational Rapper

With a mission of empowering audiences through hip hop, I aim to inspire others with stories from my life and journey thus far.


I have always been intrigued by stories and their ability to captivate an audience, so I decided to tell my own.


My ability to connect with others comes from my inner connection with God, enabling me to remain a grounded leader.

Nagi is a magnificent and rare beauty that captivates your mind and penetrates your soul with powerful lyrics that can assist you on your life journey. She is like a sunflower that stands out in the garden that lifts and cheers you up with a cool and easy energy. A petite lady with a voice like thunder that can calm an angry storm. Her children call her moma but she is more than that; a creator, counselor, healer, survivor, leader, courageous and most of all a wonderful human being. Heaven has truly blessed earth with an angelic human being.

Paula- Love Note

The only way to attract what you are seeking is to seek those qualities within yourself.

Being unique is your power

Be your own inspiration

Dear Nagi,

Life knocked you down, but you got back up again. You are a mother, nurse and a spoken word artist. If that wasn’t enough, you wrote a compelling novel of your life story. You are an inspiration. Keep going. Keep on growing.

Yolanda Coleman - Love Note
I rose from my own hell fire,

As it lit the path to my heavens.

Never looking back, my old self remained in a pile of burnt ash offerings… sacrifice.

the happenings

Nagi's Bible

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Surviving Grief While Parenting

How do you raise a child after they have experienced loss? I remember it like it was yesterday, that moment is so vivid. After I’d

Nagi The Writer is a published author, poet, spoken word artist and inspirational rapper. Nagi is known for leading people to salvation & consciousness through her writing. Her debut novel, The Secret Life of Strawberries, takes readers on a path of forgiveness and mental health.

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